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Anaphylaxis Poster

High Resolution
(A3 size, 300 dpi, 6.9Mb)

Get a nice bold poster to help inform people how to identify and respond to an anaphylactic reaction, should it occur.

Asthma Poster

High Resolution
(A3 size, 300 dpi, 7.2Mb)

Recognise and take the appropriate steps to ensure any casualty suffering from an asthma attack are quickly assisted.

Chain of Survival Poster

High Resolution
(A3 size, 300 dpi, 7.2Mb)

The Chain of Survival shows the four critical links to effectively provide intial care to a casualty, until the arrival of professional medical assistance.

Chest Pain Poster

High Resolution
(A3 size, 300 dpi, 6.8Mb)

Is it indigestion, angina or an actual heart attack?  This poster helps take the panic out of responding to a variety of signs & symptoms relating to chest pain.

Remote Travel Skills & Info

Some extra info & skills for your next outback adventure

Fast Triage Assessment

Medium Resolution - pocket-sized  
(4.7mb, 4x on A4)

This TRIAGE printable image is a handy addition to your first-aid kit when travelling, or if the need arises to quickly decide the importance of injuries and to render initial care effectively to multiple casualties.

VPOWER Safety Checklist

Medium Resolution - print-ready  
(A4 size, 310kb)

Ensure your vehicle is ready for the next road trip by using this custom VPOWER checklist (based on the VPOWER checklist used by Emergency Services)

Eureka 4WD Training App

A great FREE app for 4WD enthusiasts!
Quote from Eureka 4WD website:

"Packed with loads of training material and special content, the Eureka 4WD Training App is now your go-to resource when out on the tracks.
The app covers everything for the recreational driver including tips and techniques for sand driving, bush driving, water crossings, mud driving, recovery methods and much, much more!"
(image (C) Eureka 4WD)

Roleystone Community Men's Shed

We helped out these chaps with their CPR training and identified a skills area that needed to be maintained for their organisations compliancy.

We set up a practical exercise utilising our full-sized CPR manikin for them to apply their practiced skills and understanding towards.

Why Heartsine Defibs are Smarter !

GET Real-Time SMART Feedback:

The Heartsine Public Access Defib 500P is able to detect the actual compression mechanics and will report if they are effective or not, during the CRITICAL manual compression stage of CPR ... other defibs go 'beep'. 


The Heartsine PAD uses a combined battery and pad pack with a FOUR YEAR LIFE; reducing the double handling of two separate items and any extra ordering fees!

GET the Highest SMARTS:

The Heartsine PAD main unit has a Warranty of TEN YEARS (the highest in the industry)


The Heartsine PAD records the ECG data during its live use, this data is sent back to Heartsine afterwards. Once verified that a life threatening cardiac event occurred, they send you a brand new replacement PAD-PACK (Battery and Pads)... FOR FREE!

GET your community SMARTER:

When using the Heartsine PAD in a real event and where the casualty is revived, the Heartsine team will send the revived person a brand new Heartsine Defib to donate to a comminity charity of their choice... FOR FREE!

It is a SMART choice:

1) Helps give the best survival chances
2) PAD Pack saves you time and money
3) PAD Unit is built with quality - to last! 
4) Heartsine sends you FREE PAD Pack after a real event! 
5) Heartsine supports YOUR community & gives back! 
6) Everything else is ...
      -not smart.

Samaritan PAD 500P

A review of the world's leading defibrillator

Chat with First Aid Trained
about the smart choice in defibs

Manufacturer's terms and conditions apply, the "Pad-Pack" and "Forward-Hearts" programs are owned by Heartsine and have specific end user conditions which may be subject to change, please see the Heartsine website for more details on these end user offers.

The above is the opinion of First Aid Trained and should be taken as commentary,  
to help assist our clients' awareness of the Total Cost of Ownership for some of the current defibrillators.

Chat with us and we can send to you the latest heartsine PAD information, to assist in your purchase decision.


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