Training Desk Guide

A quick guide to using the new Client Training Desk Interface


Step 1.

Training Desk Login

As a Client for a Group Booking, you will receive a link to log in to the Training Desk site (pictured).
Simply log in using your existing username and password.  See: "COURSE OVERVIEW"
-> For New Clients <- please click:
"Access Your Account" & go to Step 2.

Step 2.

Create A New Account

Enter your email address and click the CONFIRM button to have a unique web-link sent to you.
This link will allow you to create your own password to access the Training Desk interface in the future.

Step 3.

The Link Is Sent

This screen will display when the unique link is sent to your email address. You can opt to resend it, however please allow up to 5 minutes and/or check your spam folder if it has not arrived in your inbox.

Step 4.

Follow The link!

You should have an email with a link inside.

Click on (or copy-paste to your browser) the link.
This link will allow you to CREATE a required password for use with your username, to access the Training Desk interface.


Step 1.

After Logging In...

From your Client Dashboard, you will see all courses available for the next several days.

Click on the Course Title to select it.

Step 2.

View The Course Overview

This screen will display information associated with your booking.  From here, you can view the date, start time, maximum students, fees, delivery method and if there is any pre-course study work needed to be completed by your Students.


Step 1.

From the Course Overview Page...

Select the STUDENTS tab at the top row, to switch over to and view all students that are currently scheduled for attending the Booked Course.

Step 2.


On the right of the "ADD STUDENT" button, click the small green arrow 'V' to show the options.

Use 'INVITE USER BY EMAIL' option, or you choose the 'Add a Student Manually' option.

Step 3.

Enter Their Contact Details

Enter their details and click send.

This will allow them to; register onto the course, update their personal and USI details and access any pre-course study.
If you are unsure of their name/spelling, they can correct this after they follow (click) the link.

Ensure the email address is correct!

Step 4.

The Student List Is Updated

This list shows all INVITE links sent.

The list will show when a Student registers on the course, enters their USI and if they have completed any pre-course study.


Step 1.

From the Student List...

Click on the circle with the small arrow 'V' (right of the Student's name).  

You can easily select the drop-down option:

Step 2.

Provide A Reason

Enter a reason for the Student's inability to attend the Booked Training Course and click Save.

Ensure you have the right Student!

Step 3.

Confirm The Change

This is a precautionary stage to prevent any errors as you will not be able to add them back!

Confirm this action with the OK button.

Step 4.

Student Is Withdrawn

Student list is updated, and the Student is now recorded/shown as 'withdrawn' from the Booked Course.

They will not be required or expected to attend.


Step 1.

From The Student List...

Under the USI column, click on the "Add USI" link for a particular Student.

This option might be useful if you have the full details of the Student on hand, or they are unable to access or unable to use the link sent out.

Step 2.

Enter Student Details

Provided the Student details YOU have match with the USI records, this page will return to the main Student list once processed.
IF the USI check throws an error, the STUDENT will have to check their details by loggin in to the official site: and follow the site prompts to correct any USI record error(s).

Did They Get The Invite?

Get them to check their spam folder!

If a Student has not received (or deleted by mistake) the INVITE email, you can resend it to them using this simple option.

Are They Registered & Ready?

Useful to see if ALL Students are prepared!

The Student list will highlight if all Students have recevied their invite and if they have done the study.

The Ideal Course Status

If you have any concerns, please contact us ASAP.

It is good to have a plan; and this image is the ideal sceanrio before the day of training, for our Clients, the Students and our Training team.


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